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Water: Nonpoint Source Success Stories

State Funding Programs Oregon's Watershed Restoration Grants

Oregon's Watershed Enhancement Board administers Watershed Restoration Grants for numerous activities, including watershed restoration and enhancement, watershed assessment and monitoring, watershed education and outreach, land and water acquisition, and watershed council support. Grants are used to fund on-the-ground watershed management projects such as planting along streambanks to slow erosion, developing off-stream livestock watering facilities or fencing stream areas to restore riparian function, controlling upland vegetation to encourage the growth of native grasses, reseeding old logging roads, restoring or enhancing natural wetlands, improving fish habitat, removing or replacing ineffective culverts, and purchasing conservation easements or leasing water rights.

The funds for these grants come from a voter-approved ballot measure that designates 7.5 percent of lottery proceeds for watershed restoration and protection. In January 2001 alone, the Watershed Enhancement Board awarded nearly $10 million in watershed improvement grants to watershed action groups around the state.

For more information on Oregon's Watershed Restoration Grants, see www.oweb.state.or.us. Exit EPA Disclaimer


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