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Water: Nonpoint Source Success Stories

State Funding Programs: North Carolina's Clean Water Management Trust Fund

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In 1996 North Carolina's General Assembly established the Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF) to help finance projects that specifically address water pollution problems and focus on upgrading surface waters, eliminating pollution, and protecting and conserving unpolluted surface waters, including urban drinking water supplies. Moneys from the CWMTF may be used to acquire land or easements for riparian buffers and watersheds; to restore wetlands, buffers, and watershed lands; to repair failing wastewater treatment systems; and to improve storm water controls and management practices.

At the end of each fiscal year, 6.5 percent of the unreserved credit balance in North Carolina's General Fund (or a minimum of $30 million) will go into the CWMTF. In 2000 the Board of Trustees approved 59 grants for a total of $49.8 million. The Board has approved 234 grants for a total of $211 million since 1997. CWMTF grants have leveraged at least $60 million in other private and public funds. The CWMTF's $40 million investment in the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program will leverage $221 million in U.S. Department of Agriculture funds and $10 million in other funds over the next 6 years. The 2000 session of the General Assembly committed to appropriate $40 million to CWMTF in FY 2001–2002, $70 million in FY 2002–2003, and $100 million in FY 2003–2004 and subsequent years.

The CWMTF has helped to protect 1,560 miles of riparian buffers and preserve 134,673 acres of land. The CWMTF has assisted 60 local governments with wastewater improvements, funded 45 restoration projects, and funded 16 storm water projects.

For more information on North Carolina's Clean Water Management Trust Fund, see www.cwmtf.net. Exit EPA Disclaimer

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