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Water: Nonpoint Source Success Stories

State Funding Programs Clean Michigan Initiative

In 1998 Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved the Clean Michigan Initiative (CMI), authorizing $675 million in state bonds to finance environmental and natural resources protection programs.

A large portion of the CMI ($50 million) has been earmarked for Nonpoint Source Pollution Control grants. These grant funds can be used to implement the physical improvements, such as structural and vegetative BMPs, recommended in approved watershed management plans. The Nonpoint Source Pollution Control grants are budgeted at $7 million per year through 2006. An additional $90 million has been allocated to the Clean Water Fund to implement a comprehensive water quality monitoring program in the state. That fund will also be used to protect high-quality waters, eliminate illicit connections to storm drains, address failing on-site septic systems, plug abandoned wells, implement storm water management activities, implement recommendations found in Remedial Action Plans and Lakewide Management Plans, and implement agricultural BMPs in targeted watersheds.

For example, $5 million of the Clean Water Fund will be used to provide funding as state match for the federal Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), which will implement practices on agricultural lands to improve water quality and wildlife habitat. The state of Michigan applied to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for a CREP grant of $126 million, with a total state match of $25.75 million. The practices to be implemented include 60,000 acres of riparian buffer strips, filter strips, field windbreaks, and wetland restoration, as well as 20,000 acres of wetland restoration, shallow water areas for wildlife, permanent native grasses, and permanent introduced grasses and legumes.

The CMI grants are available to local units of government and nonprofit organizations. Watershed management plans are approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and are often developed by local agencies with federal Clean Water Act support.

For more information on the Clean Michigan Initiative, see http://www.michigan.gov/deq/1,1607,7-135-3307_3662---,00.html.[BROKEN] Exit EPA Disclaimer

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