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  • Helpful Links
    • American Rivers Exit EPA Disclaimer - American Rivers is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring rivers nationwide.
    • American Water Works Association Exit EPA Disclaimer - The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply.
    • Best Nonpoint Source Documents - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency developed this web site to list excellent nonpoint source documents on topics such as agriculture, urban runoff, monitoring, and funding.
    • Center for Watershed Protection Exit EPA Disclaimer - The Center for Watershed Protection works with local, state, and federal governmental agencies, environmental consulting firms, watershed organizations, and the public to provide objective and scientifically sound information on effective techniques to protect and restore urban watersheds.
    • The Chesapeake Bay Program [BROKEN]Exit EPA Disclaimer - The Chesapeake Bay Program has designed a site that provides a wealth of information (statewide to nationwide) on the following topics: Environmental Assessment Resources; Visioning, Consensus Building, and Planning Resources; Implementation Resources (Technical Assistance, Guidance, Case Studies); Funding Resources (Grants and Financing Assistance; Public Outreach Resources; and Comprehensive Resource Guides.
    • Clark County Clean Water Program Exit EPA Disclaimer - Clark County's Clean Water Program is allowing the County to carry out additional work to control and clean stormwater. This site includes their bylaws, budget, NPDES permit program, and publications.
    • Conservation Technology Information Center [BROKEN]Exit EPA Disclaimer - The Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) is a nonprofit information and data transfer center that promotes environmentally and economically beneficial natural resource systems. The CTIC envisions agriculture using environmentally beneficial and economically viable natural resource systems and leads the development of public/private partnerships that promote the enhancement of soil and water quality by equipping agriculture with realistic, affordable, and integrated solutions.
    • Ecological Restoration Experts Directory Exit EPA Disclaimer - In 1998 the Society for Ecological Restoration started developing, compiling, and maintaining an integrated and comprehensive database of U.S. ecological restoration expertise - local, regional, national, and international individuals, organizations, agencies and companies - for the Plant Conservation Alliance's Restoration Directory Project.
    • Environmental Council of the States Exit EPA Disclaimer - One of ECOS's missions is to "tell the state story," that is, to describe the contributions states make to environmental protection. During the past few years, ECOS has conducted research on federal environmental programs that have been delegated to the states, state contributions to federal environmental databases, state environmental and natural resource funding, and, most recently, the state contribution to enforcement and compliance.
    • The Environmental Support Center Exit EPA Disclaimer - The Environmental Support Center's goal is to improve the environment in the United States by enhancing the health and well-being of environmental organizations.
    • Internet Nonprofit Center Exit EPA Disclaimer - The INC site has an encyclopedia of information for nonprofit leaders that answers frequently asked questions.
    • Local Government Environmental Assistance Network Exit EPA Disclaimer - The Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN) is a "first-stop shop" providing environmental management, planning, and regulatory information for local government elected and appointed officials, managers, and staff.
    • Low Impact Development Center Exit EPA Disclaimer - The Low Impact Development Center was established to develop and provide information to individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting the environment and our water resources through proper site design techniques that replicate preexisting hydrologic site conditions.
    • National Association of Counties Exit EPA Disclaimer - NACo develops, organizes, and manages more than 30 projects and programs designed to support county government. The NACo staff researches key issues, identifies best practices, and provides technical assistance to counties through these projects. There are programs on the environment, community development, job training, and social services.
    • National Association of Conservation Districts Exit EPA Disclaimer - This site provides links to almost 3000 conservation districts around the country. NACD also provides publications, educational materials, and conferences and workshops.
    • National Rural Water Association Exit EPA Disclaimer - The National Rural Water Association is a nonprofit federation of State Rural Water Associations. Their mission is to provide support services to State Associations that have more than 20,000 water and wastewater systems as members.
    • Natural Resources Conservation Service Exit EPA Disclaimer - As a part of USDA, NRCS aims to provide leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve, improve, and sustain our natural resources and environment.
    • Natural Resources Defense Council Exit EPA Disclaimer - NRDC uses law, science, and the support of more than 400,000 members nationwide to protect the planet's wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things.
    • New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection Division of Watershed Management Exit EPA Disclaimer - NJDEP established this site of valuable links to publications, guidance, and maps to help watershed groups.
    • River Network Exit EPA Disclaimer - River Network helps people monitor, protect, and restore rivers and watersheds. As the nation's leader in supporting grassroots river and watershed conservation groups, River Network designed this site to link watershed groups with the information and services that they need.
    • The Terrene Institute Exit EPA Disclaimer - Terrene Institute works with business, government, academia, and citizens to protect our environment and conserve natural resources. They sponsor workshops, newsletters, and reasonably priced publications, such as Clean Water in Your Watershed: A Citizens Guide to Watershed Protection.
    • Urban Land Institute [BROKEN] Exit EPA Disclaimer - The mission of the Urban Land Institute is to provide responsible leadership in the use of land in order to enhance the total environment. They address issues such as smart growth, transportation, housing, and finance. They also provide educational documents, conferences, and a continueing education program.
    • USA Exit EPA Disclaimer - USA.gov is the only official U.S. Government portal to 30 million pages of government information, services, and online transactions. The site offers a powerful search engine that searches every word of every U.S. government document in a quarter of a second or less.
    • USDA's Water Resources/Watershed Management Links Exit EPA Disclaimer - This site list links for several organizations and reports and documents related to water resources/watershed management.
    • The Watershed Academy - This user-friendly web site contains training courses, Academy 2000 distance learning modules, and other helpful publications.
  • Newsletters
    • Informational
      • Coastlines - Coastlines is a publication of the Urban Harbors Institute at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. It provides information concerning estuaries and near coastal waters.
      • Nonpoint Source News-Notes - Nonpoint Source News-Notes is an occasional bulletin dealing with the condition of the water-related environment, the control of nonpoint sources of water pollution, and the ecosystem-driven management and restoration of watersheds.
      • Stormwater News [BROKEN]Exit EPA Disclaimer - This newsletter provides information on stormwater pollution, treatment methodologies, and related issues.
      • The Water Monitor - This EPA newsletter summarizes water monitoring and related activities in the 10 EPA regions, the states, and in EPA Headquarters. Typically, topics include recent and ongoing water monitoring projects, nonpoint source monitoring and educational programs, the Total Maximum Daily Load program, and watershed assessment and management activities. Publication of this newsletter ceased in September 1999.
      • WaterNews Weekly Newsletter - WaterNews is a weekly on-line publication that announces publications, policies, and activities of EPA's Office of Water.
      • Watershed Events - Watershed Events is intended to update interested parties on the development and use of watershed protection approaches. These approaches consider the primary threats to human and ecosystem health within the watershed, involve those people most concerned or able to take actions to solve those problems, and then take corrective actions in an integrated and holistic manner.
      • The Watershed Management Council's Networker Exit EPA Disclaimer - This newsleter focuses on watershed management issues. At this site you can view the contents of current and past issues of the newsletter.
      • The Volunteer Monitor - The Volunteer Monitor newsletter facilitates the exchange of ideas, monitoring methods, and practical advice among volunteer environmental monitoring groups across the nation.
    • Examples
  • Listservers

    A listserver is an Internet feature whereby one posts a message that is sent via e-mail to all listserver members. They can respond to the sender or to the entire listserver membership.

    • BASINS Listserver - This listserver is dedicated to the BASINS watershed model. Subscribers can post just about anything related to BASINS, any version, such as questions, opinions, announcements, requests, or things to share.
    • Decentralized Listserver - This listserver is for those who wish to discuss onsite/decentralized wastewater treatment systems and management issues. EPA established this listserver to encourage communication and information exchange among stakeholders. The listserver can be used to post notices of upcoming conferences, special events, new publications, and success stories. It can also be used to ask-and respond to-questions about management methods.
    • NPSINFO - This is a forum for open discussion of nonpoint source pollution issues. This list welcomes participants from all public and private sectors, including government agencies, nongovernmental agencies, industry, and agriculture, as well as researchers, educators, local water managers, and concerned individuals. Topics can range from agricultural and urban runoff to hydrologic modification and aquatic habitat modification to technology, education, and funding alternatives.


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