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Water: Outreach & Communication

Getting Local Interest and Support

  • Getting in Step: A Guide to Effective Outreach in Your Watershed - This guidebook provides some of the tools watershed groups need to develop and implement an effective watershed outreach plan. If you're a watershed practitioner trained in the sciences, this manual will help you address public perceptions, promote management activities, and inform or motivate stakeholders. Related resources for this book include a 35 minute companion video of case studies and an online Web training tutorial.
  • Baybook: A Guide to Reducing Water Pollution at Home - The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay developed this publication to create awareness and actions to reduce water pollution. Homeowners are the target audience for this document. Call (410) 377- 6270.
  • Building Local Partnerships Exit EPA Disclaimer  - This short document explains why partnerships are a key to effective watershed management. Through a partnership different people and organizations work together to address common interests and concerns.
  • Environmental Education on the Internet Exit EPA Disclaimer  - The Environmental Education and Training Partnership of the North American Association for Environmental Education developed this Internet clearinghouse on topics related to environmental education.
  • River Talk! - This book is about listening and talking with the people we need to enlist in river and watershed protection. To continue making progress toward healthier rivers and cleaner water, we need to enlarge the circle of support for rivers and watersheds and do a far better job of educating public officials. River Talk! is a hands-on guide for people who want to be more efficient and effective in encouraging key sectors of their communities to get involved in designing a river-and watershed-friendly future together. Order online at RivernetworkExit EPA Disclaimer 
  • Public Involvement in Environmental Permits (PDF) (121 pp, 2MB, About PDF) - EPA's Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery and Emergency Response developed this guide for state program implementors, citizen groups, associations, and industry to assist them in engaging stakeholders in the permitting process.
  • Turning the Tide; A Citizen's Guide to Reducing Nonpoint Source Pollution - Harborwatch, Inc., and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control developed this concise brochure that describes urban nonpoint pollution and what actions citizens can take to reduce pollution in urban areas. Includes checklists. Call (803) 734-5300.

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