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Water: Articles and Activities for Middle School Students

Exercise I. Adopt-A-Street Program in Your 'Hood'

First, A Few Good Examples


Everything that is washed down street gutters affects the health of the waterways around you. Storm drain stenciling is a good way to remind people not to throw used oil, trash, and other objects down the gutters. Adopt-A-Street is a similar program.

Many cities have Adopt-A-Street programs. Adopt-A-Street is a partnership between a city and its residents. Groups or individuals agree to adopt a mile or more of city streets and keep them clean. The city provides organizational help, cleanup supplies, free hauling, and street signs that identify the Adopt-A-Street sponsors. Little Rock, Arkansas and Greensboro, North Carolina are two good examples of cities that have successfully started Adopt-A-Street programs. You can see what these cities are doing by visiting the following Web sites:

Before You Get Started...

Visit EPA's Web site on combined sewer overflows

What is a CSO (combined sewer overflow)?


What is a wet weather discharge?


Why is it important not to throw trash and pollutants into a storm drain?


Little Rock, Arkansas, Adopt-A-Street Program Exit EPA Disclaimer

and Greensboro, North Carolina, Adopt-A-Street Program Exit EPA Disclaimer

Now, Create Your Own

Activity 1

Are you part of an Adopt-A-Street program? Investigate whether your city will provide support for an Adopt-A-Street program by calling the Department of Public Works.

Activity 2

As a class, you can set up an Adopt-A-Street group for the stretch of road outside your school. You can also start an Adopt-A-Street program for your neighborhood or housing development.

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