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Water: Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments

Footnote (Clarification of Scope and Intent)

Several issues require clarification to fully understand the scope and intent of this management measure. First, this management measure applies only to postdevelopment loadings and not to construction-related loadings. Management measure options II.A.(1)(a) and (b) both apply only to the TSS loadings that are generated after construction has ceased and the site has been properly stabilized using permanent vegetative and/or structural erosion and sediment control practices. Second, for the purposes of this guidance, the term predevelopment refers to the sediment loadings and runoff volumes/velocities that exist onsite immediately before the planned land disturbance and development activities occur. Predevelopment is not intended to be interpreted as that period before any human-induced land disturbance activity has occurred. Third, management measure option II.A.(1)(b) is not intended to be used as an alternative to achieving an adequate level of control in cases where high sediment loadings are the result of poor management of developed sites (not "natural" sites), e.g., farmlands where the erosion control components of the USDA conservation management system are not used or sites where land disturbed by previous development was not permenently stabilized.

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