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Water: Polluted Runoff

Water Conservation

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The demand for water in the United States has resulted in stream and river impoundments, the drilling of more and deeper wells, and water withdrawals from most natural waterbodies across the country. The high demand for, and overuse of, water can contribute markedly to nonpoint source pollution in various forms, including:

  • Altered instream flows due to surface withdrawals
  • Saltwater intrusion due to excessive withdrawals
  • Polluted runoff resulting from the excess of water applied for irrigation and landscape maintenance that carries with it sediments, nutrients, salts and other pollutants

Information Resources

  • What You Can Do
    A collection of sites with information to raise public awareness and encourage involvement in water quality issues.

  • Water Efficiency
    The site is chock-full of targeted resources, information and programs to help communities and businesses reduce their water consumption.

  • EPA Promotes Water Efficiency in the Home
    This site provides tips and links for improving home water efficiency.

  • Water Wise and Energy Efficient Exit EPA Disclaimer
    This site includes a virtual tour of a house with information about how to conserve water.

  • How to Conserve Water and Use It Effectively
    This site provides information on differenct types of water use efficiency practices. It is directed towards system users (such as residential users, industries and farmers) and system operators (such as municipalities, state and local governments, and privately owned suppliers) that wish to conserve water.

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