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Water: Polluted Runoff

Guidance in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Urban & Suburban Areas

Existing facilities, cities, and suburban areas contribute large volumes of scouring runoff containing pollutants—including nutrients, sediment, and toxic organics—that foul the Bay.  Ever-expanding new development will cause more damage unless that development is done in an environmentally responsibly manner.  Redevelopment of urban areas is a continuous process that presents great opportunity to improve stormwater management.  This chapter provides an overview of approaches to manage existing development, redevelopment, new development and approaches to reduce pollutant loadings and protect the Bay.  Strategies such as watershed planning, smart growth, targeted retrofits, redevelopment and new development polices, and low-impact development design and practices  are critical in reducing the current and future damage to the Bay from these sources.

Ch 3. Urban and Suburban Areas (PDF) (341 pp, 8.8MB, About PDF) | Return to Chesapeake Bay Federal Land Management Guidance

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