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Water: Polluted Runoff

Factors in Planning Target Formula: APPENDIX G

I. Statutory set-aside for Indian Tribes §106 allocation formula 0.0033 §518(f)
II. Other*
Minimum amount for the States and Territories N/A 0.2643 All States, D.C. and territories receive funds to institutionalize NPS control activities & programs.
1988 Section 305(b) Report 1988 Draft - 10/89 N/A National data used to determine the weighting factors for ag, urban, mining, & forestry as indicated below.
Population 1980 Census
1987 Census (est.)
0.2861 Factors include State fraction of national population, pop'n density, and pop'n growth.
Cropland Acreage 1987 Ag Census
1987 NRI Data
1980 Census Data
1986 ASIWPCA NPS Report
0.1581 Cropland is used as a surrogate for sediment and nutrient problems, which account for about 85% of ag NPS problems. Modeling approach based partly on 1986 ASIWPCA national data.
Pasture & Rangeland Acreage 1987 Ag Census 0.0205 Animal units & animal units/farm acre used as surrogate for BOD & bacteria problems, which account for about 11% of the ag NPS problem.
Forest Harvest Acreage EPA 0.0429 Acreage of private & Federal forest harvested annually.
Wellhead Protection Areas Wellhead Protection Program Allotment Formula - EPA 0.1135 Factors include relative risk to ground water, number of people potentially impacted, number of wellheads to be protected & size of states.
Critical Aquatic Habitats Dahl, T.E 1990. Wetland Losses in the United States 1970's 1980's. U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service, Washington, D.C. 0.0500 State share of total wetland acreage is a meaningful surrogate for critical aquatic habitat since it covers both fresh and saline waters.
Other Use Impact - 319(a) N/A N/A All NPS factors for ag, urban, forestry & mining are based upon land-based activities, therefore addressing impaired & threatened waters.
Mining 1987 NRI
1980 RCA Appraisal
0.0572 State's fraction of mined acres as surrogate for mining.
Pesticides 1987 NRI
1986 National Pesticide Usage Data Base, RFF & EPA
0.0074 Amount & rate of application of active ingredients for pesticides recommended for inclusion in EPA's National Pesticide Survey.

*The weighting for Other Factors is based on the allocation after National set-asides have been subtracted from the total appropriated funds. As a result, the sum of the weighting for Other Factors is unity.

NOTE: These factors are unchanged from EPA's current formula.

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