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Water: Stormwater

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for Construction Activities


Cover of the SWPPP GuideDeveloping Your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan: A Guide for Construction Sites (PDF) (50 pp, 2.8MB, About PDF) - This guidance manual is intended as a helpful reference for construction site operators who must prepare a SWPPP in order to obtain NPDES permit coverage for their stormwater discharges.  It describes the SWPPP development process and provides helpful guidance and tips for developing an effective SWPPP. In addition, the guide provides customizable SWPPP templates and a sample inspection report, in Microsoft Word format. This Guide may be used by construction site operators anywhere in the U.S.  The SWPPP Template and Inspection form should be customized to meet the requirements in the applicable State Construction General Permit.  Note: EPA is in the process of updating the SWPPP guide to be consistent with the 2012 CGP (PDF)  (165 pp, 5.20MB, About PDF). Until the new guide is completed, if you will be applying for coverage under the 2012 CGP, you should refer to the permit (PDF) (165 pp, 5.20MB, About PDFfor your SWPPP requirements.

Illustration of erosion control blankets installed on a slope
Example SWPPPs
These example SWPPPs were developed (using hypothetical sites and conditions) to serve as examples for the construction industry.  They utilize the SWPPP Template (above) and follow EPA’s 2008 Construction General Permit.  These examples should be used for educational or training purposes only.  Construction site SWPPPs must be developed following the requirements of the applicable state or EPA Construction General Permit and describe the specific conditions of the site and plans for development. 

Medium-Sized (~20-acre) Residential Subdivision
Example SWPPP (PDF) (73 pp, 1.57MB, About PDF) 

Small Commercial Site (< 5 acres)
Example SWPPP (PDF) (56 pp, 983K, About PDF)

Key Resources
State BMP/Guidance Manuals

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