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Water: Watershed Academy

Educational Resources for Students/Teachers: Top-Related Water Curricula by Others

Many of the following links are to locations outside the EPA website. EPA does not maintain these pages and is not responsible for their content. These links are provided as a service to the user. EPA does not endorse the materials, products, companies or opinions included therein. Exit EPA Disclaimer

  • Give Water A Hand: Leader Guidebook and Action Guide Exit EPA Disclaimer encourages students (9 to 14) to learn about their watershed and take action in their community. Phone: (608) 262-2031; 1-800-WATER20; email: erc@uwex.edu.

  • Project Globe: Exit EPA Disclaimer Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment. (GLOBE) is a worldwide network of students, teachers, and scientists working together to study and understand the global environment. GLOBE students make environmental observations at or near their schools and report their data through the Internet.

  • Adopt-A-Watershed Exit EPA Disclaimer uses a local watershed as a living laboratory in which students engage in hands-on activities, making science applicable and relevant to their lives. It weaves education with the community developing collaborative partnerships and reinforcing learning through community service.

  • Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) Exit EPA Disclaimer facilitates and promotes awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources through the development and dissemination of classroom-ready teaching aids and through the establishment of state and internationally sponsored programs. Montana Water Resources Research Institute (406) 994-5392.

  • Save Our Streams Tools Exit EPA Disclaimer including the Save Our Streams Watershed Stewardship Action Kit. The kit covers watershed ecology, water quality problems, and actions individuals and groups can take to conserve watersheds.

  • Earth Force/GREEN/ Exit EPA Disclaimer Earth Force is combining the best of the Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) award winning watershed program with its youth action curriculum. Phone (703) 299-9400.

  • Groundwater Foundation´s Kids´ Corner Exit EPA Disclaimer has basic information about groundwater, fun activities and information on how to attend or organize a groundwater festival.

  • Water Education Foundation Exit EPA Disclaimer has partnered with EPA to develop a number of environmental educational programs, including Groundwater Education for Secondary Students. Foundation programs are suitable for students in grades K-14. In addition, the Foundation serves as the California coordinator for national Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) K-12 program. All Foundation classroom materials are consistent with the standards of the California State Frameworks for Science and History/Social Sciences.

  • Project Wild & Wild Aquatic. Exit EPA Disclaimer One of the most widely used conservation and environmental education programs among educators of students in kindergarten through high school. Ideal for integration into the teaching of science, social studies, language arts, math, art, physical education, health, music, and other curriculum areas.

  • Project Learning Tree (PLT) Exit EPA Disclaimer is an award-winning, interdisciplinary environmental education program for educators working with students in Pre-K through grade12. PLT helps students gain awareness and knowledge of the natural and built environment, their place within it, as well as their responsibility for it.

  • WOW!: The Wonders Of Wetlands Exit EPA Disclaimer is an acclaimed, comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum guide for educators of grade levels K-12. The latest edition, co-published in 1995 by Environmental Concern and The Watercourse (Bozeman, MT), includes more than 50 fun and effective learning-activities for both indoor and outdoor use. These activities focus on the three definitive wetland parameters: water, soil, and plants; there are animal-oriented exercises as well.

  • The Water Sourcebook series is a popular set of hands-on water activities for all elementary and secondary grades (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12). Designed for use by teachers, non-formal educators and water quality professionals, the activities teach youth through experiential learning methods the importance of preserving and enhancing water resources. The guides covers wastewater treatment, drinking water, groundwater, surface water, and wetlands. The series was developed with funds from Legacy, Inc. and EPA.

  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation Students Bay Saver´s Program Exit EPA Disclaimer Students and adults alike can participate in a variety of efforts from growing submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) to getting involved in restoration efforts.

  • Home A Syst Exit EPA Disclaimer In every home--large or small, new or old, city or country--there are potential risks to your family´s health and the environment. Home*A*Syst helps you identify these risks and take action. Phone: (608)262.0024. Email: homeasys@uwex.edu.

  • EarthWater Stencils Exit EPA Disclaimer provides guidance and resources on developing a storm drain stenciling project and educating the community about storm drain pollution. Phone: (360) 956-3774.

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