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Water: Tribal Training

Water Quality Standards Academy - Basic Course

Contact Information

For more information about this course, please contact:
 Sharon Frey
         Phone 202-566-1480

Related Topics


  • Water Quality Standards
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
  • Total Maximum Daily Loads
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment

Take Note: Information presented below is specific to tribal participants and may not apply to all attendees.

Level of Training: 100    Explanation of training levels
Course Description:  An introduction to water quality standards (40 CFR 131.10-13) for those with fewer than 6 months experience with them.
URL: http://water.epa.gov/learn/training/standardsacademy/index.cfm#basic

Course Details

Target Audience: Tribes and States, environmental groups, industrial groups, other federal agencies, municipalities, watershed groups and other interested parties.
Is there a final test associated with the course?: No
Is there a certificate of completion presented at the conclusion of the course?:  Yes
Other relevant notes: None


December 12-16, 2011

Event Date: December 12-16, 2011
Event Location: Washington DC (Arlington, VA)
Event Sponsor: EPA Headquarters
Event Co-sponsor: None


Target Audience: The 5-day course is aimed at states, territories, tribes, environmental groups, industrial groups, municipalities, the academic community, federal agencies, watershed groups, and other interested parties.
Is the course region-specific?: No
Is this course relevant to Tribes outside the sponsoring region?: Yes


How to register: Register online at http://www.glec-online.com/WQSA_sessions/default.php. Contact Craig Voros (cvoros@glec.com) (GLEC), 614-487-1040 for information about course registration.
Registration Deadline: October 17, 2011
Is there a registration fee for this course?: No
Additional registration information: None

Event Details

Format for the course: Lecture, Discussion
Are there any pre-requisites for this event?:  No
Is there any pre-course preparation associated with this event?: No preparation is required, but participants can familiarize themselves with the online course at: http://water.epa.gov/learn/training/standardsacademy/index.cfm#basic 


Sleeping room accommodations: None

Other costs paid by EPA: None

Other relevant notes: None

Past Events:

  • May 12-16, 2008 - Santa Rosa, California
  • July 21-25, 2008 - Arlington, Virginia
  • December 8-15, 2008 - Arlington, Virginia
  • May 11-15, 2009 - Arlington, Virginia
  • October 26-30, 2009 - Portland, Oregon
  • December 7-11, 2009 - Washington, DC
  • February 22-26, 2010 - West Palm Beach, Florida
  • May 2-6, 2011 - Arlington, Virginia

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