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Basic Course: Supplemental Topics (NPDES Permit 3)

NPDES Permit Program

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Introduction: Jurisdictional Permitting Authority

Most States have been authorized by EPA under Section 402 of the CWA to issue NPDES permits for point source discharges. The Agency retains an oversight role by providing guidance and, in some instances, review of proposed permits. (Sec. 123 Exit EPA Disclaimer As with States, a Tribe (or a Territory) can also be authorized to implement the NPDES permit program in its jurisdiction if it can demonstrate that it meets the legal and programmatic requirements for program authorization established in the CWA.

In jurisdictions where the Agency has not authorized a State to issue NPDES permits, the EPA Region serves as the permitting authority, carrying out functions that include:

  • Issuing permits.
  • Conducting compliance and monitoring activities.
  • Enforcing the requirements of the permit.

Resource. View a list of program authorization status by jurisdiction.

For informational purposes only–Not official statements of EPA policy.

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