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Water: Water Quality Standards Academy

Basic Course: Supplemental Topics: Water Quality Reporting Requirements under CWA

Listing Impaired Waters and Developing TMDLs

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States/Tribes must submit the 303(d) list of impaired/threatened water bodies to EPA by April 1 of all even-numbered years. With each biennial submission, the State/Tribe should indicate which water bodies have been added or removed and which water bodies were assessed since the last submission.

In addition, Section 305(b) requires that every 2 years States/Tribes provide EPA with a description of the water quality of all waters within the State/Tribe's boundaries, including rivers/streams, lakes, estuaries/oceans, and wetlands. The submission must be made by April 1 of all even-numbered years, and EPA must transmit the reports — together with an analysis thereof — to Congress.

Further, Section 314 requires States/Tribes as part of their 305(b) report to submit information to EPA on the water quality status of all publicly owned lakes, including extent of point source and nonpoint source impacts due to toxics, conventional pollutants, and acidification.

The State/Tribe may also include a description of the nature and extent of ground-water pollution and recommendations of State/Tribal plans or programs needed to maintain or improve ground-water quality.

For informational purposes only–Not official statements of EPA policy.

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