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Water: Module 6

Basic Course: Key Concepts (Module 6.h)


Module 6. EPA Region Review of State/Tribal Standards

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  • EPA has delegated review of State/Tribal water quality standards to the EPA Regions.

  • A State/Tribe must involve the public in developing its standards.

  • EPA must approve a State/Tribe's submission within 60 days or disapprove it within 90 days and identify necessary changes.

  • If EPA disapproves part or all of a submission, the State/Tribe cannot implement those provisions in its program.

  • If the State/Tribe does not revise disapproved standards, EPA may promulgate Federal standards to replace the disapproved standards if necessary.


  • Following EPA approval, States/Tribes must review their water quality standards at least once every 3 years.

  • As necessary, the State/Tribe must hold a public hearing, adopt revised/new standards, and submit them to EPA for review.

  • If no changes are needed, the State/Tribe still must submit the results of its review to EPA.

For informational purposes only–Not official statements of EPA policy.

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