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Water: Module 6

Basic Course: Key Concepts (Module 6.g)

Revisiting Approved Standards: State/Tribal Flexibilities

Module 6. EPA Region Review of State/Tribal Standards

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States/Tribes have flexibility concerning whether they review water quality standards (WQS) and then submit results for all relevant water bodies at once or in sequence.

All relevant water bodies/segments
One comprehensive package of results/revisions every 3 years.

Relevant water bodies/segments on a "rolling" basis
Results/revisions as they are ready within the 3-year time frame.

Relevant water bodies/segments on a watershed-by-watershed basis
Results/revisions as they are ready within the 3-year time frame.

Regardless of whether the State/Tribe determines that revisions or expansions of the standards are needed, the results of the review must be made available to the public and then submitted to the EPA Regional Administrator (40 CFR 313.20).


Key Point. EPA time frames for completing review of revised or expanded standards are the same as for a State/Tribe's submission of completely new standards; that is, 60 days for approval and 90 days for disapproval (with specification for changes).


Video Clip View a 2-minute video clip from the classroom session about EPA and States/Tribes working together on water quality.


Learn More. Best practice recommendations regarding State/Tribal review of approved water quality standards. Also, flow diagram on State/Tribal review process. Proceed to the Learn More Topic. » (Note: This link launches a pop-up window.)

For informational purposes only–Not official statements of EPA policy.

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