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Water: Module 6

Basic Course: Key Concepts (Module 6.e)

EPA Review: Actions Following Disapproval

Module 6. EPA Region Review of State/Tribal Standards

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EPA may decide that part or all of a State/Tribe's water quality standards submission does not meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act. In which case, the Regional Administrator will specify changes that would make the standards approvable.

The State/Tribe may respond in one of three ways to the disapproval.

Video Clip View a 2-minute video clip from the classroom session about EPA and States/Tribes working together on water quality.
Learn More. See flow diagram on EPA review determinations and actions. Also, information about how EPA promulgates water quality standards when a State/Tribe fails to adopt approvable standards. Proceed to the Learn More Topic. » (Note: This link launches a pop-up window.)

For informational purposes only–Not official statements of EPA policy.

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