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Water: Module 6

Basic Course: Key Concepts (Module 6.a)

Preparing for Submission: Key Steps

Module 6. EPA Region Review of State/Tribal Standards

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When the State or authorized Tribe has completed the process of developing its water quality standards, the following steps must be taken before adopting and submitting them to EPA for review:

  • Make the submission package available for public review—that is, the standards and supporting documentation.
  • Convene a formal public hearing on the standards.
  • Obtain certification of the standards by the appropriate State/Tribal authority.

The public hearing notification should specify the time and location of the hearing, provide an agenda and listing of major issues to be addressed, and identify the location of the submission package for public review. Following the public hearing, a transcript or summary of the proceedings should be made available.


Key Point. EPA has delegated review and approval of State/Tribal water quality standards to the EPA Regions. Thus, the State/Tribe should direct its submission to the appropriate EPA Regional Administrator.


Key Point. The State/Tribe must not implement revised water quality standards (e.g., as a basis for a discharge permit limit) until EPA has approved them and they become "applicable water quality standards." 

For informational purposes only–Not official statements of EPA policy.

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