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Water: Module 4

Basic Course: Key Concepts (Module 4.h)

Policies and Methods:  EPA Review

Module 4. Antidegradation Requirements

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EPA Regional Offices review new and revised antidegradation policies and antidegradation procedures developed by States and Tribes.

EPA’s key considerations for reviewing antidegradation programs:

Consideration A

Does the antidegradation policy protect existing uses, high quality waters, and ONRWs?

Consideration B

Are implementation methods identified?

Consideration C

Do protections for high quality waters apply to a broad spectrum of waters rather than just a narrow subset?

Consideration D

Is the wording used to describe the program consistent with CWA Section 131.12 (a)(1)-(4)?

Consideration E

the identified implementation methods consistent with EPA’s antidegradation provisions?

For informational purposes only–Not official statements of EPA policy.

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