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Water: Module 3

Basic Course: Key Concepts (Module 3.g)

Criteria Types: Specific but Complementary

Module 3. Criteria Development

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While each type of water quality criterion has a specific focus, the different criteria that a State or Tribe adopts into its water quality standards should operate together to support overall protection of the water body.


Key Point. In making water quality management decisions, a State or Tribe should independently apply each criterion that has been adopted into its water quality standards. If a water body has multiple designated uses with different criteria for the same pollutant, States/Tribes should use the criterion protective of the most sensitive use.


Resources. For a definition of eutrophication and related terms, visit EPA's Nutrients Glossary page.


Learn More. Details about the six criteria types. Proceed to the Learn More Topic. » (Note: This link launches a pop-up window.)

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