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Water: Module 2

Basic Course: Key Concepts (Module 2.h)

Designated Uses: Section 303 Other Uses

Module 2. Designated Uses

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Considering Section 303 Other Uses

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Other Uses Descriptions
Public water supply Waters that are the source of a raw water supply. That is, water supplied to a drinking water treatment system, not for direct consumption. This use can be categorized for various levels of treatment.
Agricultural Waters that are suitable for irrigation of crops, consumption by livestock, support of vegetation for range grazing, and other uses in support of farming and ranching operations.
Industrial Provides protection for cooling and process water supplies, but not treatment for industrial wastes. Specific criteria would depend on the specific process involved.
Navigation Provides protection of waters for shipping and sailors, so as not to prevent or restrict navigation.
Resource. The "Blue Book" (Water Quality Criteria, 1972) EPA R3-73-033, March 1973).
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Resource. Livestock Drinking Water Quality Publication. Exit EPA Disclaimer

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