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Water: Module 2

Basic Course: Key Concepts (Module 2.i)

Designated Uses: Other Purposes

Module 2. Designated Uses

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Other Purposes Descriptions
Ceremonial uses Reflects unique exposure patterns and pathways for tribes (e.g., Pueblo of Isleta).
Shellfish grazing areas Addresses shellfish beds and oyster harvesting in all coastal States.
Protection of endangered species Special level of protection for waters with known populations of endangered species.
Wildlife protection For example, the California water quality standards protect aquatic-dependent species, such as waterfowl, shore birds, aquatic flora. Also, this can be used to protect stock fisheries, such as "put-and-take" trout.
Coral reef preservation For protecting such sensitive areas as coral reefs.
Drinking water source protection For protecting ground-water recharges and waters used for drinking water.
Hydroelectric power For hydropower generation.
Outstanding National ResourceWater For high-quality or ecologically unique waters.
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