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Preparation for Deriving the CMC: Assessing Acute Effects Data

Aquatic Life Criteria

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Basic Course: Supplemental Topics

Assessing the quality and completeness of collected data includes screening the data for validity based on such criteria as:

  • Use of a control.
  • Use of a single species and compound for each test.
  • Use of species from North America.
  • Use of flow-through tests if the compound is volatile or easily degrades.
  • Reporting of water characteristics (e.g., hardness or pH) when relevant to toxicity.

All valid toxicity data are used in ALC development, since confidence in a criterion usually increases along with the amount of acceptable data. A three-step calculation process results in a Final Acute Value, which is then used to derive the Criterion Maximum Concentration. These FAV calculation steps are listed below and described on the next several pages of the module.

  1. Calculate the Genus Mean Acute Values.
  2. Rank the Genus Mean Acute Values.
  3. Calculate the Final Acute Value.
Illustration. View graphic showing overview of ALC derivation. Proceed to the Illustration. » (Note: This link launches a pop-up window.)

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