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Water: Water Quality Standards Academy

Basic Course: Key Concepts: Obtain Your Certificate of Completion for This Course

Obtain Your Certificate of Completion for This Course

If you have gone through all six modules of this course, you are eligible for the Certificate of Completion. The certificate indicates that you have completed this Core Modules course, which is a useful preparation for taking the Academy’s 5-day classroom version of the course.

To access your Certificate of Completion from this website, you need to:

Complete the six statements below by typing into the text fields as appropriate one of the passwords you received at the end of each module quiz.

After completing the sequence of statements, you should provide your name and email address in the text fields (and optionally your title, phone number, and any feedback/comments). Then select the Send button to access your Certificate of Completion online. Your submission will be sent to the WQSA administrator to establish your record of having taken this online course. You may also be notified about upcoming sessions of the classroom course.

States/Tribes are considered with EPA in the effort to restore and protect the Nation's waters through the water quality standards program.

The Water Quality Standards regulations provide a "rebuttable presumption" that CWA 101(a)(1) uses are .

Water quality criteria help protect the uses of a water body.

A State or Tribe's water quality standards must include an policy.

The water quality program includes mechanisms that afford for addressing local water quality-related circumstances that may arise.

EPA has delegated review of State/Tribal water quality standards to the .

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