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Water: Drinking Water

Kids' Health Children and Drinking Water Standards

kidshealth_childrenstandards_coverThere's been a lot of talk lately about drinking water. You may have seen features in the newspaper, on television news and in popular magazines, even in movies and television specials. This media coverage, combined with the new annual reports on drinking water that water systems are sending directly to their customers, is making many people think more about their drinking water. A question many people have on their minds is: Should I be concerned about the tap water my children are drinking?

This booklet explains how national standards contribute to drinking water safety, and helps readers make informed, reasonable choices about the water they and their children drink.

Some communities have made their annual water quality reports available online on this site. For more information about the drinking water quality in your community and your state, read your water quality report if it is online, or contact your water supplier to get a copy.

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