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Water: Drinking Water

Drinking Water Bloopers



(Embarrassing moments in the life of a water drinker)

Waiting a week to fix a leak.

blooperspage_fawcettAssume little leaks only waste a little water? You can lose up to 200 gallons of water a day from a leaking toilet. And a faucet can drip 604,800 drops while you are waiting.

Taking a shortcut and using the hot water tap when cooking.

blooperspage_kettleThat's taboo, and it can shortcut your health. Lead can dissolve into hot water from lead pipes and solder. Cold water is better. Heat it on the stove when cooking or making baby formula.

Slipping used motor oil into a storm sewer or burying it in the trash.blooperspage_oil

Hey slick, oil can leak into lakes, rivers, and wells. Just one pint can expand over an acre of water. Take your used oil to a recycling center.

Tossing toxics in the trash.

blooperspage_batteryHow tacky! Consider batteries, a common throw-away. They contain lead and mercury. Some ordinary household cleaners have other poisons that contaminate water. Here's a tip, drop them off at a special collection site.

Watering your lawn at high noon.
Caught with your sprinkler on? The hot sun will evaporate the water your lawn needs. Better water early in the day.

Using your garbage disposal all the time.blooperspage_egg

Want to show good taste after a meal? Learn to compost. Your disposal uses one gallon of water a minute. Many foods can be composted instead, making a great soil conditioner. These foods include vegetable trimmings, egg shells, coffee grounds with filters, and tea bags.

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