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Water: Ground Water Rule

Ground Water Rule (GWR)

This site provides information about the Ground Water Rule (GWR).

EPA published the Ground Water Rule in the Federal Register on November 08, 2006.  The purpose of the rule is to provide for increased protection against microbial pathogens in public water systems that use ground water sources. EPA is particularly concerned about ground water systems that are susceptible to fecal contamination since disease-causing pathogens may be found in fecal contamination.

The GWR will apply to public water systems that serve ground water. The rule also applies to any system that mixes surface and ground water if the ground water is added directly to the distribution system and provided to consumers without treatment.

This web site is designed to provide you with basic information about the GWR as well as links to additional information about particular topics such as training for implementation, frequent questions, and guidance. Use the links below or on the sidebar to find out more about the GWR.

Basic Information - This page provides basic information about the rule.
Ground Water Rule - Visit this page to read the GW rule.
Compliance Help - Visit this page to find out more information on complying with this rule.

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