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Water: Consumer Confidence Report Rule

Public Service Announcements

This series of radio and print ads were made for water suppliers and others

EPA is currently making updates to the radio ads below to reflect changes in contact information. Keep checking this page for updates.

to use to encourage consumers to take advantage of consumer confidence reports and other information about their drinking water.

The ads are available as print ads in a number of sizes and shapes, as 16" x 20" posters, or as 30 second radio ads. All print materials are black and white.  For the print ads, please specify whether you would like newspaper format (85 line screen) or magazine format (110 line screen).  CDs include both the English and the Spanish version of the radio ads.


Example of a Print AD

For Print

Now It Comes With a List of Ingredients

Drinking Water. Pour Over the Facts

En Español - Ahora viene con una lista de ingredientes

Radio Ads

To hear a Real Audio version of the radio ads, select an ad below, or read the scripts.
(help with real audio) Exit EPA Disclaimer

En Español

To order free copies of the print ads (magazine or newspaper format) or the radio ads (available on CDs):
Call the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791.

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