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Water: Arsenic

Memorandum: Guidance on Reporting Arsenic Exemptions to the Safe Drinking Water Information System / Federal Version (SDWIS/FED)


Date: March 30, 2006

From: Stephen F. Heare, Director, Drinking Water Protection Division */s/*

To: Regional Drinking Water Branch Chiefs,

Attached for your use is the final “Guidance on Reporting Arsenic Exemptions to SDWIS/FED during CY 2006.”

This document supplements APPENDIX H. State Reporting Guidance for the Arsenic Rule of the Implementation Guidance for the Arsenic Rule (EPA 816-K-02-018).  It provides guidance for primacy agencies on reporting state- and EPA-issued exemptions to SDWIS/FED during CY 2006.  Please note the deadline of April 30th for reporting exemptions granted during 2005.

The existing reporting mechanisms do not allow exemptions to be reported, so this guidance establishes a simple approach using existing data fields and permitted values.  This is a short term reporting solutionas the forthcoming SDWIS/State web release will include a separate set of records to report both variances and exemptions for all pertinent regulations.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Jennifer Moller (202-564-3891) for arsenic implementation and Abe Siegel (202-564-4637) for SDWIS/FED.

Signed Memo and "Guidance on Reporting Arsenic Exemptions to SDWIS/FED during CY 2006" (PDF
1 pp,125 K) (ALL ABOUT PDF FILES)cc:  Regional Arsenic Workgroup
      Jim Taft, Association of State Drinking Water Administrators

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