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Water: Uniform National Discharge Standards (UNDS)

Phase II, Batch One Discharges

Batch One is the first of two projected rulemakings that EPA and DoD will be proposing in Phase II of the UNDS program. On February 3rd, 2014, EPA and DoD published performance standards for the following eleven discharges.  The proposed rule can be found at the Federal Register.

Aqueous Film-Forming Foam: the firefighting foam and seawater mixture discharged during training, testing, or maintenance operations.

Chain Locker Effluent: the accumulated precipitation and seawater that is emptied from the compartment used to store the vessel's anchor chain.

Distillation & Reverse Osmosis Brine: the concentrated seawater (brine) produced as a byproduct of the processes used to generate freshwater from seawater.

Elevator Pit Effluent: the liquid that accumulates in, and is discharged from, the sumps of elevator wells on vessels. 

Gas Turbine Water Wash: the water released from washing gas turbine components.

Non-oily Machinery Wastewater: the combined wastewater from the operation of distilling plants, water chillers, valve packings, water piping, low- and high-pressure air compressors, and propulsion engine jacket coolers.

Photographic Laboratory Drains: the laboratory wastewater resulting from processing of photographic film.

Seawater Cooling Overboard Discharge: the discharge of seawater from a dedicated system that provides noncontact cooling water for other vessel systems.

Seawater Piping Biofouling Prevention: the discharge of seawater containing additives used to prevent the growth and attachment of biofouling organisms in dedicated seawater cooling systems on selected vessels.

Small Boat Engine Wet Exhaust: the seawater that is mixed and discharged with small boat propulsion engine exhaust to cool the exhaust and quiet the engine.

Welldeck Discharge: the water that accumulates from seawater flooding of the docking well (welldeck) of a vessel used to transport, load, and unload amphibious vessels, and from maintenance and freshwater washings of the welldeck and equipment and vessels stored in the welldeck.


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