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Water: Uniform National Discharge Standards (UNDS)

Phase I Final Rule and Technical Development Document of Uniform National Discharge Standards (UNDS)

Note: The documents on this webpage were generated a number of years ago. Some of the documents and data within may have been succeeded by more recent efforts.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.
Complete Document (PDF) (864 pp, 4.99mb)

Foreword, Contents, Executive Summary (PDF)
(15 pp, 178K)

Section 1: Background of the Uniform National Discharge Standards (PDF) (7 pp, 46K)
Section 2: Vessels fo the Armed Forces (PDF) (21 pp, 185K)
Section 3: Data Collection (PDF) (13 pp, 94K)
Section 4: Discharge Evaluation Methodology (PDF) (13 pp, 84K)
Section 5: Phase I Discharge Determinations (PDF) (40 pp, 164K)
Glossary and Abbreviations (PDF) (12 pp, 64K)

Appendix A:

AFFF NOD (PDF) (18 pp, 224K)
Boiler Blowdown NOD (PDF) (53 pp, 590K)
Catapult Water Brake Tank and Post Launch Retraction Exhaust NOD (PDF) (14 pp, 203K)
Catapult Wet Accumulator Discharges NOD (PDF) (14 pp, 128K)
Cathodic Protection NOD (PDF) (45 pp, 520K)
Chain Locker Effluent NOD (PDF) (11 pp, 111K)
Clean Ballast NOD (PDF) (14 pp, 277K)
Compensated Fuel Ballast NOD (PDF) (21 pp, 234K)
Controllable Pitch Propeller Hydraulic Oil NOD (PDF) (17 pp, 191K)
Deck Runoff NOD (PDF) (31 pp, 255K)
Dirty Ballast NOD (PDF) (14 pp, 88K)
Distillation and Reverse Osmosis Brine NOD (PDF) (22 pp, 430K)
Distillation and Reverse Osmosis Brine MPCD Analysis (PDF) (7 pp, 79K)
Elevator Pit Effluent NOD (PDF) (13 pp, 107K)
Firemain Systems NOD (PDF) (21 pp, 273K)
Freshwater Layup NOD (PDF) (14 pp, 131K)
Gas Turbine Water Wash NOD (PDF) (10 pp, 69K)
Graywater NOD (PDF) (17 pp, 231K)
Hull Coating Leachate NOD (PDF) (27 pp, 350K)
Hull Coating Leachate MPCD Analysis (PDF) (6 pp, 61K)
Mine Countermeasures Equipment Lubrication NOD (PDF) (25 pp, 207K)
Motor Gasoline (MOGAS) Compensating Discharge NOD (PDF) (12 pp, 76K)
Non-oily Machinery Wastewater NOD (PDF) (14 pp, 157K)
Photo Lab Drains NOD (PDF) (8 pp, 62K)
Portable Damage Control Drain Pump Discharges NOD (PDF) (12 pp, 94K)
Refrigeration/AC Condensate NOD (PDF) (10 pp, 62K)
Rudder Bearing Lubrication NOD (PDF) (19 pp, 149K)
Seawater Cooling Overboard Discharge NOD (PDF) (24 pp, 353K)
Seawater Piping Biofouling Prevention NOD (PDF) (16 pp, 140K)
Small Boat Engine Wet Exhaust NOD (PDF) (25 pp, 274K)
Small Boat Engine Wet Exhaust MPCD Analysis (PDF) (6 pp, 56K)
Sonar Dome Discharge NOD (PDF) (23 pp, 1.7MB)
Steam Condensate NOD (PDF) (18 pp, 181K)
Stern Tube Seals & Underwater Bearing Lubrication NOD (PDF) (17 pp, 166K)
Submarine Acoustic Countermeasures Launcher Discharge NOD (PDF) (14 pp, 147K)
Submarine Bilgewater NOD (PDF) (13 pp, 92K)
Submarine Emergency Diesel Engine Wet Exhaust NOD (PDF) (19 pp, 171K)
Submarine Outboard Equipment Grease and External Hydraulics NOD (PDF) (16 pp, 139K)
Surface Vessel Bilgewater/Oil Water Separator (OWS) Discharge NOD (PDF) (28 pp, 356K)
Underwater Ship Husbandry NOD (PDF) (23 pp, 127K)
Underwater Ship Husbandry MPCD Analysis (PDF) (6 pp, 53K)
Welldeck Discharges NOD (PDF) (17 pp, 106K)
Appendix B: Matrix of Navy Vessels and Discharges (PDF) (16 pp, 514K)
Appendix C: Matrix of MSC Vessels and Discharges (PDF) (4 pp, 75K)
Appendix D: Matrix of Coast Guard Vessels and Discharges (PDF) (8 pp, 214K)
Appendix E: Matrix of Army Vessels and Discharges (PDF) (4 pp, 97K)
Appendix F: Matrix of Marine Corps Vessels and Discharges (PDF) (4 pp, 41K)
Appendix G: Matrix of Air Force Vessels and Discharges (PDF) (4 pp, 47K)


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