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Water: Recovery Potential

Tools and Resources




Along with the screening methodology, another major purpose of this website is to provide a wide variety of technical tools and information resources that are useful to restoration planning and priority-setting. These tools and resources are directly related and linked to the Recovery Potential Screening methodology steps online, and are also applicable to restoration in general.

The restoration and recovery literature database is a key-worded and partially annotated collection of over 1600 technical publication citations in one downloadable MS Access file. The contents of this database are citations and annotations of papers that show relationships between specific water or watershed characteristics and their effect on restorability. Because opening MS Access online is not supported on EPA websites, you must download this file and use it locally. Note that this database is open, enabling you to add new references or key words if desired.

The recovery potential indicators that were developed from the literature are available in a candidate indicator list  (MS Excel xlsx, 86K) and in a summary table (PDF) (49 pp, 565K, About PDF) with brief descriptions for quick reference. detailed, indicator-specific reference sheets are also available for many of the indicators. If you have relevant reference materials to contribute to the literature database or published findings relevant to specific recovery potential indicators, please contact us.

Among the other tools, the screening checklist (PDF) (1 pp, 97K, About PDF) is a summary of all the steps in the screening process that is formatted to help you track your progress from start to finish during a screening assessment. The indicator selection worksheet (PDF) (2 pp, 131K, About PDF), the indicator tracking record (MS Excel xlsx, 16K) and the automated scoring spreadsheet (MS Excel xls, 2.65MB) are additional tools that help organize and speed up the screening process. The scoring guidance page provides useful discussions of several alternative approaches to scoring, weighting and summarizing your indicators. As an alternative to mapping, a display tool for plotting screening results on a graph is available under displaying results. Useful overview information on Recovery Potential Screening appears in publications and presentations. Short technical papers about example projects in Recovery Potential Screening are also available, as well as links to other priority-setting sites that are relevant to impaired waters and restorability.

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