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Water: Recovery Potential

Screening Methodology

If you want to assess and compare the recovery potential of a group of water bodies to help you plan for their restoration, this part of the website is for you. The tabs above and the box at right each provide links through a seven step process for systematically comparing the restorability of potentially large numbers of waters. Although this method provides structure and guidance, it is very flexible. At many points in this procedure, your own choices can customize the assessment for your geographic area, environment, social settings, and restoration goals.

Each step is described briefly while also linking to tools and information in greater detail. You may choose to browse all the steps at the general level first, which should take about 30 minutes.

Going to the more detailed levels is necessary for obtaining specific instructions to carry out your own recovery potential screening assessment. If you prefer instructions with detailed examples, you can download the screening example (PDF) (12 pp, 842K, About PDF) of a real assessment that followed these seven steps. You can also use the screening checklist (PDF) (1 pp, 97K, About PDF) to keep track of your progress.

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