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Water: Total Maximum Daily Loads (303d)

Technical Guidance for Developing Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

EPA# 823B97002; 1997

This manual was developed to guide water quality analysts to consider key ecological interactions and biochemical reactions to pollutant loadings when making stream and river water quality assessments.


Book 2, Rivers and Streams; Part 1 - Biochemical Oxygen Demand/Dissolved Oxygen & Nutrient Eutrophication (PDF) (240 pp., 11 MB; About PDF)


This manual combines chapters one and two of the 1983 Technical Guidance Manual for Performing Waste Load Allocations, Book II into a single document. This document, titled Book II. Streams and Rivers. Part 1: Biochemical Oxygen Demand/Dissolved Oxygen and Nutrients/Eutrophication, eliminates duplicate information on hydrodynamics, nutrient and dissolved oxygen dynamics, and physical characteristics of streams and rivers. Included in the manual is updated information on EPA-supported water quality models.

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