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Water: Total Maximum Daily Loads (303d)

Appendix F - General Epa/State Agreement Outline For Development Of TMDLs

Guidance for Water Quality-Based Decisions:
The TMDL Process

Since conditions, procedures, and methodologies may vary between EPA Regions and their States, a general outline of an example agreement is provided. This outline can be used in conjunction with the referenced technical guidance documents to prepare EPA/State Agreements.

I. General
A. Purpose, Scope, and Authority
B. Statement of Policy

II. Water Quality Standards Considerations

A. General
B. Type of Stream Classifications

III. Allocation Procedures and Policies

A. Basic Approach for Establishing Boundaries for TMDL Development
B. Determination of TMDL, WLA, and LA Using Water Quality Models
C. Determination of TMDL, WLA, and LA Using Other Analytical Tools
D. Special Case Policies

IV. Public Participation Process

V. Approval of TMDL, WLA, and LA

VI. Incorporation of Allocations into NPDES Permits

A. General
B. Priority Considerations

Appendix. State Continuing Planning Process (CPP)

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Chapter 4 Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C
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