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Water: Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets 2000: In Memory of John Chafee


John H. Chafee
1922 - 1999

This report is dedicated to the memory of John H. Chafee, who served as state legislator, Governor of Rhode Island, Secretary of the Navy, and U.S. Senator. During his long and distinguished Senatorial career, Senator Chafee was a champion of the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. His energy, commitment, courage, and statesmanship continue to inspire all Americans.

"We need to bring alive the necessity for clean water so all Americans act as stewards of their water resources; whether it is Narragansett Bay or just the local puddle, every citizen must do his part. For safe, clean, abundant water--in our homes, rivers, lakes, and streams--is one of our planet's greatest treasures."

- Senator John H. Chafee, introducing the Estuary Habitat Restoration Partnership Act

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