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Organize Documentation into Damage/Cost Report

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Although optional, you may want to compile all of your completed documentation and forms into a damage/cost report. This can help you keep track of your records and share the information more easily within your utility as well as in support of Federal disaster funding. There are many ways to compile documentation. You could create one report for internal purposes and another report to apply for federal disaster funding programs. Depending on the program (e.g., FEMA Public Assistance), you could create reports for each damaged facility area (e.g., one report for the treatment facility, one report for a distant pump station, one report for a water tower). Determine which method best suits your needs.

Below is a sample way to organize a damage/cost report. Each section has fillable pages to create individualized reports based on your specific utility needs. This is not an official report format for any particular funding program, but represents good practices from utilities.

  • The Full Report Template (PDF) (19 pp, 2MB) includes sample pages and sections of a damage/cost report. The template is organized as follows. If you elect not to use the full report, you can choose from the individual sections and compile them to meet your needs.
  • Attach your logs, forms, spreadsheets, and receipts. The number and order of the forms will depend on the needs or the requirements of the funding program.
  • Attach supporting materials, such as insurance policy information or maintenance records.

Consult the instructions (PDF) (3 pp, 329K) to assist you in completing each section of the report. For an example of a completed Report Template based on hypothetical damage/costs to a water tower from a hurricane, follow the link to the Completed Report Template on Damage and Costs for Anytown, USA (PDF) (15 pp, 520K).

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