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Establish Contacts with Local/State Officials with Connections to Funding

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Establishing contact and networking with local, state, and operational area officials is critical to learning about any funding opportunities for which your utility may qualify. While most state and federal funding opportunities are described on the appropriate agency websites, many utilities do not apply because they do not know that the opportunities exist. By networking with these officials before a disaster happens, utilities are better prepared to apply for available funding opportunities. For many programs, the grantee will be the states or tribal nations rather than the local government or utility. For FEMA's Public Assistance Grant Program, a state government is responsible for certifying approved projects and paying the utility. Therefore, you may need to work closely with state and tribal officials to submit an application for funds or technical assistance. In addition to leveraging existing contacts with your state primacy agency or permitting authority, utility officials should work to establish regular contact with some of the following organizations and individuals:

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