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Water: Sustainable Infrastructure

Five Things Local Officials Should Know About Sustainable Water Infrastructure

"Water is one of the key issues of the 21st Century."—Jim Glitz, Former Mayor, Freeport, IL

Although the most pressing water infrastructure issues vary across the country, an understanding of the types of challenges communities are facing, a knowledge of your water systems, and an awareness of the benefits of sustainable approaches will give you the foundation to make a difference for your community.

  1. The Facts—the water infrastructure challenge across the country.
  2. What Sustainable Water Infrastructure Looks Like—what it means for a water infrastructure to be sustainable.
  3. The Benefits—what sustainable water infrastructure does for your community.
  4. Your Role—the responsibilities all local officials share as a steward of your community's infrastructure wealth.
  5. Your Story—past issues, solutions, and the current operational state of components of your community's water infrastructure systems.





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