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Water: Septic (Onsite / Decentralized) Systems

Local Outreach Toolkit

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You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

How can EPA’s SepticSmart initiative help promote your goals?

Across the country, local environmental groups, health departments, and governments face the challenges posed by improperly maintained and failing septic systems. EPA seeks to assist these local agencies in promoting homeowner education and awareness. Explore the tabs below to download printable homeowner-targeted materials, learn how organizations across the country have launched successful homeowner education programs, and more.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact SepticSmart staff and let us know what materials would be most beneficial to your outreach efforts. New materials will be added to this Toolkit, so check back often and share this link with industry colleagues.   

SepticSmart WidgetDownload these high-resolution PDF files for easy printing and distribution to homeowners living on properties serviced by septic systems in your area.Sam pop-up

SepticSmart Web Graphiclogo_banner
Spread the word and make your website "septic smart"! Help educate homeowners on the ins and outs of their septic systems and increase awareness of EPA's SepticSmart initiative.
Use Directions: Post these graphics on your website and link to SepticSmart's homepage: water.epa.gov/septicsmart.

SepticSmart Door Hangerdoor hanger
Print directions: Many cost-effective printing solutions are available online for printing these door hanger files. The above files have been designed to accommodate the unique die-cuts for the doorknob punch out offered by these online solutions. 

“Did You Know? Leaks” Postcard  
Print directions: Provide these files to a local print shop or a professional printer near you. Create mailing labels, add postage, and you are ready to mail to local homeowners.
“Summer Fun” Postcard
Print directions: Provide these files to a local print shop or a professional printer near you. Create mailing labels, add postage, and you are ready to mail to local homeowners.

Long Homeowner's GuideLong Homeowners Guide
Print directions: Provide these files to a local print shop or a professional printer near you. This will print as single, double-sided sheets that can be stapled.


SepticSmart Homeowners Guide for Tribal Communities SepticSmart Homeowner's Guide for Tribal Communities

In cooperation with the Indian Health Service (IHS), EPA has developed a tailored version of the original SepticSmart Homeowner's Guide to reflect the unique factors of Tribal communities and homeowners on Tribal lands, regarding the proper care of their systems, "Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems for Tribal Communities" (PDF) (9 pp, 2.1MB, About PDF).


Homeowner's Rack BrochureHomeowners Rack Brochure

Print directions: Provide these files to a local print shop or a professional printer near you. This brochure is sized to roll-fold and fit easily into standard rack brochure lucite holders. Note: the standard PDF versions can be printed on the 11" x 17" (tabloid) paper with the "Short Edge Binding" setting of all in-office printers.

SepticSmart Week Flyer 091113

Do's and Don'ts Homeowner's Brochure



Mail Inserts - Septic TipsSepticSmart Mail Insert

English Version (PDF) (Print-Ready Version) (2 pp, 579K, About PDF)Spanish Version (PDF) (Print-Ready Version) (2 pp, 579K, About PDF)

Recommended printing specs (PDF) (2 pp, 52K, About PDF)

English Version (PDF) (2 pp, 579K, About PDF)

Spanish Version (PDF) (2 pp, 579K, About PDF)






SepticSmart Do's And Don'ts For An Advanced Treatment Unit (1 pg, 464K, About PDF) SepticSmart Week ATU Flyer



Proper Landscaping On And Around Your Septic System (1 pg, 560K, About PDF)

SepticSmart Week Landscaping Flyer

Additional Resources

Spanish Do's and Don'ts Flyer (PDF) (1 pg, 837K, About PDF) - Que debe hacer para proteger su sistema septico.

Homeowner Outreach Presentation (PPT) (14 pp, 1.6MB, About PDF) - Use this presentation to educate homeowners about septic system maintenance.

Infographic: Do Your Part, Get SepticSmart (PDF) (1 pg, 598K, About PDF- Use this infographic to educate homeowners about septic system maintenance.

Across the country, local health organizations, governments, environmental groups, and others are stressing the importance of properly maintaining septic systems to homeowners. Although the ecological and health impacts of failing septic systems are felt by everyone in the community, homeowners are ultimately responsible for their systems. Get inspired by these case studies showcasing how organizations have successfully reached this audience.

SepticSmart Case Studies

EPA Decentralized Case Studies
Additional case studies and demonstration projects are available on EPA's main Septic (Onsite/Decentralized) Systems website. 


EPA's Public Involvement Home Page - Offers a full range of activities that EPA uses to engage the American people in the agency's decision-making process.

EPA's Nutrient Pollution Outreach and Education Page – Offers various tools and publications to assist in developing effective communications materials related to nutrient pollution.

EPA's Nonpoint Source Program's Getting in Step Outreach Series – Intended for use by state and local agencies, the Getting in Step Outreach Series is a great place to get started and learn how to develop effective outreach. The series includes:

EPA's Decentralized Wastewater Quick Links

EPA's main Septic (Onsite/Decentralized) Systems web pages also contain valuable information for state and local officials, industry professionals, and partner organizations.

EPA's Decentralized Wastewater Management MOU Partnership

EPA and 16 partner organizations work together to increase collaboration among EPA, state and local governments, and decentralized system practitioners and providers. Many partners have developed outreach and education materials that promote the partnership's mission of improving decentralized performance and protecting our nation's public health and water resources. For more information on the MOU partnership, visit EPA's Decentralized Partners page

Looking to Launch a Local Outreach Campaign?
  • Check out the SepticSmart Outreach Toolkit!Toolbox

    Government officials, industry professionals, environmental groups, and other local organizations can access ready-to-use educational materials, case studies, and more.

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