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Water: Septic (Onsite / Decentralized) Systems

Homeowner Resources

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Resources for Homeowners

Learn more about how your septic system operates, why it's important to properly maintain your system, simple, every-day tips that will help you avoid costly system repairs and replacement, and more!

Brochures and Fact Sheets:
  • Where Does All the Dirty Water Go? (PDF) (2 pp, 472K, About PDF)—This brochure raises citizen's awareness of the importance of wastewater, explains the basics of wastewater treatment, and contains helpful hints for homeowners about what NOT to put into the sanitary sewer system. 
  • What Happens After the Flush (PDF) (4 pp, 2.3MB, About PDF)—This colorful reprint from The Family Handyman Magazine explains how various wastewater systems work using excellent illustrations. Reprinted with permission from The Family Handyman magazine, 1997 Home Service Publications, Inc., an affiliate of The Reader's Digest Association, Inc., Suite 700, 2915 Commers Drive, Eagan, MN 55121.  All rights reserved.

  • Protecting your private drinking water well: Properly maintaining and ensuring the proper functioning of your septic system is vital to protecting your private drinking water well. Similar to your septic system, proper well construction and continued maintenance are keys to the safety of your water supply. Get the facts, peace of mind, and get your well water tested!
More Information About:
Looking to Launch a Local Outreach Campaign?
  • Check out the SepticSmart Outreach Toolkit!Toolbox

    Government officials, industry professionals, environmental groups, and other local organizations can access ready-to-use educational materials, case studies, and more.

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