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Water: Green Infrastructure

Campus RainWorks Challenge - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Can the project be off campus?
No, the project must be based on campus.

Are community and technical colleges eligible to participate?
Yes, all undergraduate and graduate programs at any college or university are invited to participate in the Challenge.

Are graduate students eligible to participate?
Yes, all undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at an eligible institution are eligible to participate.

Can a student team have more than one faculty advisor?
Yes.  Having more than one faculty advisor may in fact lead to more multi-disciplinary teams that can offer more comprehensive green infrastructure designs.

Can a college or university have more than one team?

Is there a recommended team size?
No, teams can be as large or as small as desired.

Submissions - General

For the design brief, can we use margins smaller than 1"?
Yes, you can use margins smaller than 1". Based on student feedback, we decided to eliminate the requirement for 1" margins. You may use any size margin you deem appropriate.

For the design brief, do the 8 pages of text need to be on 8 consecutive pages?
No, the 8 pages of text do not need to be on 8 consecutive pages. You are welcome to distribute the text throughout your Design Brief to convey your design proposal.

Can we format our design brief as a booklet with no inside margins?
Yes, you can format your design brief as a booklet with no inside margins.

Do we have to conceal the names of our team members?
No, your entry does not have to be anonymous. In fact, we ask that you provide team member names on your cover page.

Do we have to conceal the name of our university?
No, your entry does not have to be anonymous. 

Where can I find examples of innovative green infrastructure projects? 
We don't have space to direct you to all the great examples on the Web, but here are a few Websites that include green infrastructure projects:

2012 Campus RainWorks Winners
ASLA's Sustainable Landscapes Case Studies Exit EPA Disclaimer
The Sustainable Site Initiative's Certified Projects Exit EPA Disclaimer
LAF's Case Study Briefs Exit EPA Disclaimer

What should my team do if we don't have time to complete our entry?
If you cannot complete your entry, please send an e-mail informing us that your team is withdrawing from the Challenge to RainWorks@epa.gov (Rainworks@epa.gov). 

Submissions - Video

Do video credits count towards the 3 minute limit for the video presentation?
No, video credits will not be counted towards this limit.


How will prizes be distributed?
The EPA will pay student prizes using convenience checks.  Student prizes will be distributed evenly among all student team members.

Note that prizes may be subject to Federal income taxes, and that the EPA will comply with the Internal Revenue Service 1099 reporting requirements.

To sign up for e-mail updates or ask a question about the Campus RainWorks Challenge, please e-mail

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