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Water: Optimization

Benefits of the Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP)

States that participate in Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) often benefit from:

Improved Treatment Plant Performance and Public Health Protection

  • Long-term, sustainable, approach
  • Enhanced capability of water system operators
  • Data-based, results-driven program

Treatment Plant Performance Trends

This plot shows average turbidity performance data from all of the rapid rate surface water treatment plants from an AWOP state. On the primary y-axis the maximum daily turbidity is plotted in units of NTU; on the secondary y-axis the percent of measurements meeting 0.1 NTU, which is the filtered water turbidity performance goal for this state. These data are shown over a 10-year period. Throughout this time the average maximum turbidity consistently decreased (starting at 0.27 NTU and dropping to 0.12 NTU). Additionally, the percent of the measurements consistently increased from 71.3 % up to 89.1%.

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Effective Compliance Assistance for Small (and Large) Water Systems

  • Provides cost-effective compliance approach
  • Focuses on improving operations, not costly capital improvements

Treatment Plant Turbidity Graph

This plot demonstrates the impact of AWOP activities on filter plant performance as measured by filtered water turbidity over a four-year period. Turbidity is plotted on the y-axis, in units of NTU, and the data indicate that during the first year the plant consistently had turbidity spikes above 1 NTU (and as high as 2 NTU) – averaging approximately 0.7 NTU. Into the second year the average turbidity dropped to approximately 0.5 NTU (with the exception of two brief spikes at the end of the year 2). By the third year turbidity was consistently below 0.5 NTU (averaging approximately 0.2 NTU). During the fourth year the turbidity dropped even further and was maintained at or near the optimization performance goal for much of that year. The system demonstrated excellent performance during the last 6 months shown.

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Enhanced State Staff and Water System Staff Capability and Motivation

  • Optimization tools are field-proven and state AWOP participants receive training on their use
  • Water system staff technical understanding and self-confidence increases

“I truly believe that drinking water quality has improved leaps and bounds in Kentucky since we became a supporter of optimization and I am sure it has done nothing less in your respective states. [The] National Optimization Leadership Team has made a large footprint on the industry and the American people win because of it.” James Hamon (KY Division of Water)

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Effective Use of State Resources

  • States track water system performance state-wide
  • Resources are allocated to systems most in need
  • The correct tool or approach is targeted for each system

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