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Water: Drinking Water Operator Certification

Information for Operators

Complying with your state’s operator certification requirements will help ensure that your water system is able to meet drinking water standards and key public health objectives, including:

  • Providing your customers with an adequate supply of safe, potable drinking water.
  • Building consumer confidence that their water is safe to drink.
  • Increasing operator knowledge and understanding of the public health reasons for drinking water standards.
  • Local Operator Certification Information – Provides details of operator certification in your state, including specific certification requirements and processes.
  • Regulations 101 – Tools and resources to assist with understanding and meeting the requirements of EPA’s drinking water regulations.
  • Compliance Help – Comprehensive list of compliance options that small systems should consider and resources to guide assistance efforts.
  • American Water Works Association (AWWA) Exit EPA Disclaimer – Provides technical assistance to public water systems and offers coursework and study materials related to operator certification.
  • National Rural Water Association (NRWA) Exit EPA Disclaimer – Circuit Rider program offers on-site operational and management assistance to small systems, which can facilitate the certification process.
  • Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) Exit EPA Disclaimer – Provides water system operators information on the “need-to-know” criteria for the ABC standardized certification exams; many states use these criteria as the basis for their own tests.
  • Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) Exit EPA Disclaimer – Network of six regional partners provides training and technical and financial assistance to small rural communities; focuses on infrastructure development to help protect public health and the environment.

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