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Water: Targeted Watersheds Grants Program

Basic Information


Established in 2003, the Targeted Watersheds Grant Program is designed to encourage successful community-based approaches and management techniques to protect and restore the nation's watersheds. The Targeted Watersheds Grant program is a competitive grant program based on the fundamental principles of environmental improvement: collaboration, new technologies, market incentives, and results-oriented strategies. The Targeted Watersheds Grant Program focuses on multi-faceted plans for protecting and restoring water resources that are developed using partnership efforts of diverse stakeholders.

 Collecting macroinvertebrates to measure stream quality

Targeted Watersheds Implementation Grants are focused on individual watershed organizations. Successful watershed organizations are chosen because they best demonstrated the ability to achieve on-the-ground, measurable environmental results relatively quickly, having already completed the necessary watershed assessments and developed a technically sound watershed plan. Each of the watershed organizations exhibits strong partnerships with a wide variety of support; creative, socio-economic approaches to water restoration and protection; and explicit monitoring and environmentally-based performance measures. To date nearly $50 million dollars have been awarded to 61 organizations for their work to address water quality issues using the watershed approach.

In addition to supporting on-the-ground watershed projects through Implementation Grants, the TWG program also provides Capacity Building Grants, which are awarded to leading organizations with a national or regional focus that are able to provide training, technical assistance and education to local watershed groups and to teach the critical skills necessary to improve watershed health. The goal of these grants is to better serve the needs of local watershed groups.

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