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Water: Watershed Funding

Sustainable Funding

EPA recognizes that strong and committed watershed organizations and local governments are necessary partners to achieve the goals of the Clean Water Act and improve our nation's water quality. To support these local efforts, we are working to:

  • Build the capacity of watershed organizations to develop and implement sustainable funding plans to obtain achieve environmental results.
  • Build the capacity of private and public funders to channel their resources towards good watershed initiatives.
Tips on how to achieve sustainable funding:
  • Establish priorities and budget
  • Assess fundraising capacity
  • Identify and evaluate funding options
  • Develop a fundraising plan that is linked to your organization's strategic plan
  • Diversify funding sources
  • Involve the entire organization (management, staff, volunteers) in the planning and fundraising process
  • Develop both short- and long-term fundraising goals and strategies
  • Create a timeline for continued fundraising

To help watershed organizations make the transition from ad hoc fundraising to strategic fundraising and finance planning, EPA and its partners are developing the following:

  • On line planning tools
  • Databases of federal, state, local and private funding opportunities

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