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Water: Watershed Funding

Resources for Nonprofit Organizations

EPA Resources

Environmental Financing Information Network (EFIN)
EFIN is an outreach service offering electronic access to many types of environmental financing information for state and local environmental programs and projects. EFIN maintains a Web site of environmental financial tools, including links to A Guidebook of Financial Tools, publications and links to resources elsewhere on the Internet.

Grants Desk Top Resource
The Grants Desk Top Resource is an online training seminar is to ensure that EPA's nonprofit recipient community understands the assistance agreement regulations, how to manage assistance agreements and how to close out assistance agreements. It also includes a section with tips on writing a grant proposal.

Sustainable Financing Examples from the National Estuary Program
The National Estuary Program has employed multiple funding mechanisms to increase their capacity. This page highlights examples of funding mechanisms such as real estate taxes, special appeals, and license plate programs.

Watershed Information
A roadmap to information services for protecting and restoring water resources, including resources on financial, technical, and hands-on assistance to support watershed efforts.

Additional Resources

Chronicle of Philanthropy Exit EPA Disclaimer
The Chronicle's Web site provides links to information on fundraising, volunteerism, technology, academic centers on philanthropy, and publications for nonprofit professionals.

Environmental Finance Center (EFC) Network Exit EPA Disclaimer
The EFC Network is a university-based program that provides financial outreach services to regulated communities. The Network consists of ten EFCs that provide advisory services; education, publications, and training; technical assistance; and analyses on financing alternatives. The EFC Network currently includes [following links EXIT EPA Exit EPA Disclaimer: University of Southern Maine, Syracuse University, University of Maryland, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Louisville, Great Lakes EFC at Cleveland State University, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Dominican University of California, and Boise State University.

Environmental Support Center (ESC) Exit EPA Disclaimer
The goal of ESC is to improve the quality of the natural environment, human health, and community sustainability by increasing the organizational effectiveness of local, state, and regional organizations working on environmental issues and for environmental justice. ESC offers a variety of training opportunities, loans, and grants to help these organizations become better managed, funded and equipped.

The Foundation Center (FC) Exit EPA Disclaimer
FC strengthens the nonprofit sector by advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy. They achieve this is by providing education and training on the grantseeking process. For example, their Learning Lab Exit EPA Disclaimer provides information on training opportunities, access to virtual classrooms and libraries, and other resources and Literature of the Nonprofit Sector Exit EPA Disclaimer provides access to their collection of literature on philanthropy.

Foundation Search Exit EPA Disclaimer
Foundation Search includes a database driven tool for identifying funding sources and analyzing their historical giving trends. This includes locating grants by type, value, year, recipient, donor and other criteria. FoundationSearch also includes a comprehensive source of indexed and fully searchable IRS Form 990PF returns representing all United States' private foundations — over 87,000 — and spanning their most recent tax reporting years. Fee for membership.

Grassroots Fundraising Journal Exit EPA Disclaimer
This Web site offers articles with practical, how-to instruction on fundraising strategies such as direct mail, special events, major gift campaigns, and online fundraising. It also offers tools to help you build a board of directors that is willing to raise money, choose a database to track donors, manage your time effectively, and ultimately develop a successful fundraising program.

Groundspring.org Exit EPA Disclaimer
Groundspring.org is a nonprofit organization that offers software tools and services, online and classroom training, and consulting to help to other nonprofit organizations. It provides assistance with online fund raising and communication and technology to more effectively manage operations.

Institute for Conservation Leadership (ICL) Exit EPA Disclaimer
ICL's mission is to train and empower volunteer leaders and to build volunteer institutions that protect and conserve the Earth's environment. ICL provides training and consulting services in fundraising, board leadership, executive director leadership, and other organizational and leadership issues.

National Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership (CWRP) Exit EPA Disclaimer
Coastal America's CWRP is a way for environmentally responsible companies to reach out to their communities. It allows private companies to make voluntary donations of funds or in-kind services to a non-profit organization. These funds help support coastal habitat restoration or public education projects selected and endorsed by the Coastal America Regional Implementation Teams.

Network For Good Learning Center Exit EPA Disclaimer
Network for Good Learning Center provide nonprofits with free access to online fundraising and nonprofit marketing resources. While some of the content is their own, much of the content comes from the field: from the nonprofit professionals, coaches, trainers, bloggers, and consultants who work to improve fundraising and marketing effectiveness.

Npower Exit EPA Disclaimer
Npower's mission is to help nonprofits use technology to better serve their communities. Their Web site's Resources Exit EPA Disclaimer page includes links to articles and resources on databases, fundraising tools, financial management tools, and other tech-related topics.

River Network Exit EPA Disclaimer
River Network works to protect and restore America's rivers by building the capacity of grassroots organizations and acquiring threatened riverlands. River Network offers publications, fundraising tips, technical assistance and resources, and opportunities to network with other groups across the country. River Network's Resource Library provides tools on how to raise more money, build stronger organizations, and protect rivers and their watersheds. The River Advocates Fundraising Guide Exit EPA Disclaimer contains information, case studies, and lists of resource on a wide range of fundraising topics.

TechSoup Exit EPA Disclaimer
TechSoup.org offers nonprofits a one-stop resource for technology needs by providing free information, resources, and support. In addition to online information and resources, they offer a product philanthropy service called TechSoup Stock where nonprofits can access donated and discounted technology products.

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