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Water: Watershed Funding

Resources for Funders

Information Resources

The Foundation Center (FC) Exit EPA Disclaimer
FC strengthens the nonprofit sector by advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy. A section of their Web site is dedicated to resources specifically for grantmakers, such as research articles, an online directory for disseminating information to grantseekers, and free Web site hosting. FC also maintains an on-line searchable database of the literature of philanthropy.

GuideStar Exit EPA Disclaimer
GuideStar's Web site maintains a variety of tools and tutorials for grantmaking organizations. Their GuideStar database allows potential funders to verify of 501(c)(3) status, EIN, contact information, and review financial information of nonprofit organizations. The basic version is available for free; more advanced versions are available on a subscription basis.

Watershed Information
A roadmap to information services for protecting and restoring water resources, including resources on financial, technical, and hands-on assistance to support watershed efforts.

Associations and Networks

Chesapeake Bay Funders Network  Exit EPA Disclaimer
The Funders Network creates opportunities for funding organizations to make a real difference by providing current and objective information on policy issues, by helping organizations focus on the most pressing Chesapeake Bay and watershed problems, and by providing networking opportunities to foster collaboration on shared interests and activities.

Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA) Exit EPA Disclaimer
EGA supports its member organizations in grantmaking that protects the environment and its inhabitants. It provides a means for them to connect with, encourage, and challenge one another; explore environmental issues and grantmaking; and promote, diversify, and expand environmental philanthropy.

Funders' Network for Smartgrowth and Livable Communities Exit EPA Disclaimer
The Network provides resources to inspire, strengthen, and expand funders' abilities to support organizations working to improve communities through better development decisions and growth policies. It provides networking opportunities for connecting funders with interested parties and educates foundations about the importance of investing in issues related to smartgrowth and livable communities.

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