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Water: Safe Drinking Water Act

Grants and Other Funding under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)

This page describes who may receive federal financial assistance from EPA and what types of grants are awarded under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Included links to grants awarded to water utilities under the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 for water security plans and training and links to research grants.

Which federal programs receive financial assistance?

States and tribes with primary enforcement for Federal programs authorized under SDWA

States, tribes, the District of Columbia, Territories and possessions of the United States are eligible to receive Capitalization grants for infrastructure improvement: Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

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Where can I find more information about financial assistance authorized under SDWA?

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Where can I find the laws and regulations that apply to financial assistance under SDWA?

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What competitive funding opportunities are available?

Not at this time.

Related Resources

Financing Alternatives Comparison Tool (FACT) - A financial analysis tool that helps identify the most cost effective method to fund a wastewater or drinking water management project. This tool produces a comprehensive analysis that compares various financing options for these projects by incorporating financing, regulatory, and other important costs.

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